Helpful Tips

>Did you know?  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child's first dental visit occur when the first tooth erupts or by his/her first birthday!  We are proud to participate in the Baby Oral Health Program (bOHP).  

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>Did you know?  Your child will have "baby" teeth until approximately 12 years of age!  That's a long time and an important reason to take good care of these teeth.  They're vital for eating, speaking, and proper space maintenance until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt!

Begin brushing as soon as the first baby tooth erupts, and begin flossing as soon as any two teeth touch one another.  Establishing these habits early will set your child up for a lifetime of oral health! 

> Did you know? Our office provides pre-appointment tours for new patients!  Come by to meet Dr. Julie and our team, and we'll show you and your kiddos around the office.  When you return for an official dental appointment, your family will be greeted by familiar faces, and your child will already know us!  Our goal is to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible at each dental visit. 

>Did you know?  We have our own kid-friendly "dental vocabulary" that we use at each visit!  Ask us about ways you can prepare your child for dental visits using terms that will help ease fears and that they will understand.  We strive to work together with parents to make dental appointments easy and fun!  

>Did you know?  Many households in our community use well water.  This water does NOT contain fluoride, which is proven to have super anti-cavity powers!  We recommend toothpaste with fluoride...but the amount used depends on your child's age!  Read more about this HERE

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